Simple flow with great Architecture.

Reduce your app cost by about 30-50% with Arivaa Firebase.
We have tried to make it integrate with any real world business idea.

Splash Screen

Select App Language

Login with email

Login using phone number

Register new user

Login with Facebook

Login with Twitter

Login with Google

Login with Github

Forgot Password

Reset Password

Verification Screen

Validation using Toast Messages

Home Page


Data Display Components (New Update)

Data Input Components (New Update)

Feedback and Navigation Components (New Update)


Google AdMob

AdMob Interstitial Ad

AdMob Rewarded Ad

Facebook Ads

Facebook Interstitial Ad

Push Notifications Page

Push Notification


Map Search

Map Search Result

User Profile

Edit Profile

Change Image

Set New Password

25+ UI Elements to cover every possible scenario in both iOS and Android

Everything from scenario focused UI Elements to scalable architecture you need to create a production ready mobile app with Firebase

Card Component

Image Card Component

Carousel Component

Icon Component

Image Component

Thumbnail Component

Loader Component

Accordion Component

Badge Component

Navigation Bar Component

Progress Component

Form Component

Input Component

Date Time Component

Date Time Component - Modal Show

Date Time Component - Time Modal Show

Select Component

Select Component - Open

Tags Component

Image Picker Component

Image Picker Component - Select Image

Slider Component

Social Sign In Component

Country Code Picker Component

Country Code Picker Component - Open

Button Component

Modal Component

Modal Component - Open

Action Sheet Component

ActionSheet Component - Open

Toast Component

Toast Component - Triggered

Prompt Component

Prompt Component - Open

Link Component

Tabs Component

Offers A Wide Range Of Features with Expo and Firebase

Perfect Firebase integration with Expo and React Native Supporting all the authentication providers

Multi-Provider Authentication

We support all the authentication providers supported by firebase including Local Facebook,Google,Twitter and Phone along with OTP integration

Realtime Data Updates using Firebase

With the help of firebase, Everytime you update data, it gets updated in realtime on all the devices.

Over the air updates

With the help of expo, You can push the updates to your users without having them reinstall the app every time you want to push the updates and most of all, No need to push to App stores again and again.


Supports Expo

Expo is a free and open source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React. It enables Hassle Free Mobile App Development,great debugging support, easy Distribution to App Stores and much more.

A Design specifications with value of Nature and Determinacy for Better UX

We have used antd-design to provide you with an extensive library of UI components based on factual needs and most of all, an elegant look and feel for the app.

  • Fully Functional Image Picker
  • Social Sign In Components
  • Routing Components
  • Modal Components integrated with Router
  • Easy Form Integration
  • Apart from all this, supports all the Antd Design Components

Not just design but a Fully functional application

We have provided you with a fully functional application which you can use to easily with build your own business application.

We have included all the bare minimum features that are neccesary for any business scenario.

  • Login and SignUp
  • Social Authentication with Facebook,Google,Twitter and Github
  • Forgot Password and Reset Password
  • OTP Integration at all required places
  • Profile Pages
  • Configuration based Routing architecture based on React-Navigation
  • Configuration centric redux integration
  • Localization Support
  • Recaptcha Support

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Check out the video we have created for you to see what we are talking about :)

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